Mr & Mrs Lee, Lee Hong Li & Lee Hong Le (P1) Yew Tee Primary

“We’ve twins enrolled at Ignite, taking P1 English and Mathematics classes. The teachers are very passionate and patient. I am impressed with the concepts delivered and I have complete confidence in Ignite. I believe it is important for my children to have good English and Maths foundations because that can ensure them a lifetime of benefits.”

Mdm Faith Kan, Xin Er (P2) Choa Chu Kang Primary

“I’m impressed with Ignite’s Mathematics classes! Within a short period of 3 months, my daughter has improved greatly and she is now making much fewer careless mistakes.”

Mrs Wendy Tian, Shi Qi (P4) Choa Chu Kang Primary

“Shi Qi used to hate Science as she found it difficult to comprehend, but after attending Ignite Science classes, her attitude changed drastically. She always smiles when she returns home from the classes and even talks to us about Science concepts!”

Mdm Poh, Janice Ng (P5) Concord Primary

I’m very confident of Janice doing well for her PSLE under Ignite’s reliable teaching.

Mdm Hoon,

All my three children at Ignite have done well for their exams. A big thank you to all the tutors who have taught them.

Jing Ru (P6) St Margaret’s Primary

I would like to thank Mr Low, Mr Woo and Mr Tan, who are my Maths, Science and English tutors respectively, for going the extra mile for me and helped me exceed my parents’ expectations. I’m very happy to score 235 for my PSLE. This is especially significant as I was a failing student back then.

Edwin Tan (S1) Assumption

Thank you for helping me to overcome my phobia for mathematics.

Sebastian, Zull, Nadia, Edward & Joel ( S1)

We would like to thank Mr Tan from Ignite tuition for his effort and guidance which helped us excel in our Science.

Sabrina Lock (S2) Greenridge Secondary

Chinese report writing has never been easier with Ignite Tuition Centre.

Xin Ci

I retook my O Level Exams and improved my grades drastically from E8 to A2. Thanks to Ignite Tuition Centre for their unwavering support!

Mabel Rong, (S4) Methodist Girls

I was struggling with double Maths and triple Science, and had an average of B3 for all of them. After taking up tuitions at Ignite Tuition Centre, I scored A1 for all the five subjects!

Ms Teo, (S4) Christ Church Secondary

Ms Tang gave a great push to my combined Physics and Chemistry, helping me improve from C5 to A2. I’m very grateful for her efforts.

Marilyn, Jurong Junior College

The GP lessons at Ignite had been very interesting as compared to the usual school teachings and I have gained a lot of insights for various topics. The tutor engages us during discussions and provided useful tips on scoring well for GP.

Chao Yue, National Junior College

Within a few months, my grades for H2 Chemistry improved from a miserable U to B! As the class size was small, the knowledgeable tutor could clarify lots of misunderstood concepts which helped me obtain such a satisfying grade!

Melvin Sim, Jurong Junior College

I find the tutor from Ignite very approachable and he was willing to go the extra mile to elaborate the concepts in a step-by-step manner. Under his guidance, I obtained an A for Physics in the ‘A’ Level Exams when all along, I’ve been struggling with Physics since my secondary school days.

Victoria, Innova Junior College

I love Ignite’s classrooms; conducive and comfortable, which helped to increase my attention span while studying!

Nicole Tan, Anderson Junior College

Back then, I was very resistant towards Physics. When I just enrolled into Ignite’s Physics class, I was half-hearted to learn. However, after a few lessons, I found my detest for the subject gradually diminishing. Mr. Tien was able to teach in a manner which allowed me to gain a whole new perspective to Physics. His highly engaging and interactive teaching has helped me master the gist of the subject and made my learning a whole lot easier. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Mr. Tien, for his remarkable mentorship.

Benjamin Kai, St. Andrews Junior College

General Paper was never a subject which gained my interest when I was first exposed to it. The rigour and heavy content-based nature of the subject simply shunned me away. When I attended my first GP class in Ignite, I had an eye opener. My tutor conducted his lesson in a way that is highly captivating and brought GP to a whole new level. It was the first time which I did not dread a GP lesson. From then onwards, I looked forward to every lesson. My teacher taught us the essential methods to perform well in GP. With his flexible and dedicated teaching, I progressively see myself doing better in the subject. That goes alongside with an elevated interest in GP.

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