18 October 2017

Creative Writing Workshop.2(October)

Find out how our new and improved Creative Writing syllabus can help your child excel in writing! Let your child find joy and comfort in expressing their wildest imaginations. The session will also touch on topics such as the application of creative writing beyond exams as well as the role that parents can play in their child’s academic journey. Sign up with us today as slots are limited.

RESERVE a seat before 30/09/2017 to get the BEST SEATS!! 

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29 May 2017 – 23 June 2017


Boost your child’s performance with our PSLE intensive workshop!

There is no time to waste in the final stretch before their PSLE examinations

Our registration period starts from 01/04/2017.

Reserve a seat before 07/05/2017 to enjoy early bird discount!

For more information, do give us a call at 68930877!

16 April 2017 – 22 April 2017


As the school exams are approaching, Ignite Tuition Centre has scheduled mock examination to better prepare your child. This is part of an ongoing initiative to assist each student in obtaining the best exam grade possible. The Mock Exams will be conducted in similar conditions to the actual examinations. This will prepare each child mentally and physically for the actual examinations.