Our Story

Ignite tuition centre began its operation in 2009 with a simple motivation – to provide patient and dedicated assistance to students and help them develop passion for learning.

The centre started with a humble batch of 8 pioneering tutors teaching a total of 10 classes to 30 students.

Today, the centre offers up to 35 classes taught by 25 dedicated tutors. We are also proud to have provided guidance and assistance to over 3000 students who have graduated from the centre and gone on to excel in their respective endeavours.

At Ignite, we believe in every students potential to excel. With our team of experienced and dedicated staff, we will help your child discover the joy of learning.


Our Mission

To ignite our students’ passion for learning, and nurture them to become thinkers and frontrunners in the Singapore education system.


Our Vision

To be the premier education centre for all-rounded development and learning.


Our Values

– Fostering a sense of pursuit for intellectual excellence
– Promoting a sense of belonging
– Encouraging an innovative approach
– Maintaining a customer-centric focus


Our Motto

Leave No Child Behind.


Ignite Tuition Center

Our Logo

Red is the colour of passion, and it reflects our enthusiasm and zeal in shaping and molding young minds. The rising bubbles signify our aspiration for our students to soar to greater heights in their pursuit of academic excellence.