At Ignite Tuition Centre, we pride ourselves in our ability to maximise our student’s potential by igniting their passion for learning.




MISS ONG As a supporter of Speak Good English Movement Singapore, Miss Ong strives to inculcate a culture of speaking proper English daily.
MISS LIM Miss Lim simplifies the complex concepts in Mathematics and Science through hands-on activities, allowing students to have better grasp.
MISS TAN Given her bubbly personality and interactive teaching style, she connects well with her students and able to cater to their needs effectively.








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Why choose Ignite Tuition Centre?

At Ignite Tuition Centre, we provide quality education to students at competitively affordable rates. We are known to be one of the most economical tuition centre in the area. As an established tuition centre, we provide advantages that home tuition cannot afford such as:

  • Being able to study in a group setting. Students can share insights and experiences, learn from each other and support one another, making learning more effective and fun.
  • Having no distractions in the study environment. Students will not be inclined to reach for the objects in their room, and can give their utmost attention to the lesson.

We pride ourselves in employing top notch tutors to guide and teach your kids. Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced, so you can entrust your kids to them at ease. At Ignite Tuition Centre, all classes are kept small, ensuring that each student can get ample attention from the teacher and that no student lags behind.

We also provide the following services that make us stand out from other tuition centres:

  • Complimentary after class consultation. Students can clarify their doubts after class in a one-to-one manner. This allows students to more effectively grasp concepts they fail to understand during class.
  • In-house mock examination. Questions are carefully chosen/written to test concepts and techniques that are important to students’ upcoming examination, thereby also increasing students’ confidence.

Tired of going through various candidates to find a suitable tutor? Looking for more affordable, and effective tuition options? Do give Ignite Tuition Centre a try!

Refer a friend & get discounts!

To summarise, going for lessons in a Tuition centre Singapore can be as beneficial, if not more beneficial as compared to a home based tuition services. Give your child the advantages of trying both and who knows, you might see better results.