Announcement : 2018 First Mock Examination Week (07 April 2018 – 13 April 2018)

Dear Parents & Students,

As the school exams are approaching, Ignite Tuition Centre has scheduled mock examination to better prepare your child. This is part of an ongoing initiative to assist each student in obtaining the best exam grade possible. The Mock Exams will be conducted in similar conditions to the actual examinations. This will prepare each child mentally and physically for the actual examinations. The tutors will go through each paper during the subsequent lessons as well.

The mock exam will be conducted during respective allocated timings from 07 April 2018 to 13 April 2018 for students from Primary 4 to Secondary 4 unless otherwise stated.

The following shows the allocation of slots for Mock Examination:
2018 Mock Exam 1 Page 1

2018 Mock Exam 1 Page 2

2018 Mock Exam 1 Page 3

2018 Mock Exam 1 Page 4
For other queries, please contact the centre at 68930877.

Good Luck for your mock examination! 🙂