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At Ignite Tuition Centre in Singapore, we pride ourselves in our ability to ignite a passion for learning in our students, allowing them to reach their maximum potential. We understand that every child is different and seek to educate every individual so that they may perform to the best of their abilities.

Our curriculum complements and follows the MOE syllabus closely. Every lesson is carefully planned in a manner that will best allow students to understand and absorb the material taught. Students are also put to the test with challenging questions, as well as problems that are frequently asked in national examinations.

We believe that laying a strong foundation in primary levels will benefit the child in the long run. The transition from primary to secondary level often poses a challenge for many students. Through our well-paced out and systematic teaching, the students will find themselves adapting to the secondary curriculum in no time. In Junior College (JC), many students will find difficulty coping with the newly introduced lecture-tutorial style of teaching. At Ignite, we make use of the small class sizes to provide the necessary attention to each and every student. With all the help they can get at Ignite, students will find the 'A' Level Examinations a breeze!

Going To A Tuition Centre For Lessons - Yay Or Nay?

At Ignite, we have helped many children get better grades after they've enrolled in our singapore tuition centre. Many parents are grateful to us for the effort that our teachers have put into their children to ensure that they absorb and learn as much as they can, in the shortest period of time. Naturally, we have also come across many parents who have constantly asked "Is it better for my child to attend a singapore tuition centre or would it be better for my child to have private tuition at home?'.

This question is a tough question to answer. There is really no definite 'Yes' or 'No' answer. We advise that the parent and child have a good discussion over what works best and to go for that option. For children that are too young to think and strategise, we recommend that parents try both tuition methods and ascertain which 1 works best.

Over at Ignite Tuition Centre, one of the most reliable and economical singapore tuition centre in the Choa Chu Kang area, we always believe in providing the best advice as we possibly can to all our important stakeholders such as our students and our customers - the parents. Going for tuition lessons in a brick and mortar centre provides advantages that a home tuition cannot afford. Some of the advantages includes:

  • Being able to study together in a group setting. Studies have found that children absorb and respond better in a class setting as they can resonates with what their classmates have experienced and learn. The students can also learn from each other and help each other out.
  • Studying in a classroom ensures that there are no distractions at all. Students would not be inclined to just reach for the toys/games lying in their room as such materials would not be found in the classroom.
  • Qualified teachers. Ignite provides quality services in Singapore. To do that, we employ only the top notch tutors to guide and teach your kids. You do not have to personally go through thousands of databases just to find your tutor. Let us do the leg work and find you the best tutor that is available in Singapore.

To summarise, going for lessons in a Tuition centre Singapore can be as beneficial, if not more beneficial as compared to a home based tuition services. Give your child the advantages of trying both and who knows, you might see better results.

The academic qualifications and work experience of potential tutors are first reviewed. Subsequently, short-listed applicants are interviewed and only dedicated and competent tutors are selected for our students.

"We've twins enrolled at Ignite, taking P1 English and Mathematics classes. The teachers are very passionate and patient. I am impressed with the concepts delivered and I have complete confidence in Ignite. I believe it is important for my children to have good English and Maths foundations because that can ensure them a lifetime of benefits."

- Mr & Mrs Lee, Lee Hong Li & Lee Hong Le

Are you currently studying in a Junior College in Singapore, struggling with your results? Or perhaps, you’re looking for that additional boost to further cement your place in a local University like NUS or NTU?
Fret no more. You’ve reached the haven for many JC students.

Over at Ignite in Singapore, we specialize in helping JC students ace their results. Many of our students here at Ignite have seen their results soar from a “C” to an “A”. What’s more, we’ve instilled in these students the “winning mentality” that carries them forward into their military and working life.

Ignite boasts highly qualified and educated tutors who have many years of experience between them. Our tutors are caring and always go that extra mile for the student.
To find out more about our tutors, do click here.
If you’re ready to enroll in your first lesson at Ignite Tuition in Singapore, click here.

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